Doyle’s Secret Agreement Includes Personal Legal Escape Clause.

Before resigning and then petitioning the Board for a consulting job, outgoing Mosquito Director Michael Doyle negotiated a pretty sweet deal in the secret agreement we recently leaked. It includes a legal escape clause (para 9.5) which keeps him from being party to any lawsuit over potential consequences of the GMO mosquito test.

Could the “consulting job” he wants be this very position described in the Agreement? In it, he would form part of a Steering Committee (para 3.1) along with three employees from Oxitec. That’s a ratio of 75% vendor control to 25% outside consultant control on a project to be paid with public money and take place in a taxpayer-funded building using employees on taxpayer payroll (3.6).

Perhaps more disturbing are the requirements that all public communications be approved by Oxitec, including publication of the test results (8.5). All press releases are to come from a pre-generated list created by the Oxitec-lead team (8.2).



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