Keys Mosquito Factory to Sell GMO Mosquitoes to Miami-Dade County.

A document released at the August 19th FKMCD meeting outlines a plan to allow Oxitec to use the recently-revealed lab to grow GMO mosquitoes for Miami-Dade county. The board expects to collect an undisclosed amount in rent for the use of the lab. Lab production can start anytime that “Oxitec may need the use of the facility to assist Miami-Dade County in combating the recent Zika outbreaks.”

This agreement was prepared without public oversight or community agreement to use the lab before our own local referendum in November. It also seems like a way to skirt any of these controversies in Miami by having Oxitec’s commercial production take place here.

How many more labs would need to be built to scale Oxitec’s Marathon mosquito factory to provide mosquitoes for any “other US location where Oxitec has obtained approvals?,” as the document says they can. Only parts of Brazil and Grand Cayman have agreed to buy this product. We are the litmus test for the entire United States and we deserve more transparency than this.



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