Secret GMO Mosquito Contract Has Public Employees Report to Oxitec.

The secret agreement between Oxitec and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has at least four employees reporting directly to Derric Nimmo, Product Manager at Oxitec. These employees would be payed by the District out of taxpayer money. In addition to direct control of public employees, the secret contract stipulates that the entire project will be run by a Steering Committee consisting of 3 additional Oxitec employees + (outgoing) Director Michael Doyle.

After resigning recently, Doyle petitioned the Board to be hired back as a “consultant,” no doubt to fulfill this contract role. The confidential document specifies that Oxitec shall direct the use of all resources (money, people, buildings, equipment) and own all the work created by the project, including all test results.

It goes on to say that the Board is specifically prevented from performing any tests or analyses of its own, or allowing any third party to inspect Oxitec’s work or that of the public employees working under their staff. Perhaps worst of all, the contract gives Oxitec and Doyle a “Get Out of Jail Free Card,” that prevents the company or the Director (but not the Board) from being sued for any damages caused by the experiment.


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