Oxitec Creates Fake “Citizens Group” to Influence Key West Election.

URGENT: PLEASE SHARE. A fake “citizen’s group” calling itself Florida Keys Safety Alliance has hired workers on Craigslist to begin knocking on doors in Key West and Key Haven in an attempt to influence your vote in the November election. The group was created Oxitec in order to disrupt the local grassroots campaign against GMO mosquitoes.

Although it’s illegal for foreign firms like Oxitec (UK) to attempt to influence US elections, the company skirted the law by having its US parent company, Intrexon, fund the PAC which presents itself as a citizens group rather than a corporate effort.


Oxitec ran this Craigslist ad seeking door-to-door canvassers to work for $15/hr helping the company reach “targeted voters.” The workers are being managed by Tampa PR firm Vancore-Jones. The ad was quickly removed but a full copy is linked below.

Please spread the word to your friends in neighbors in the Keys and also in Miami and Tampa which are the next cities being targeted by the Oxitec campaign. Be on the lookout for anyone coming to your door to “talk about mosquitoes.”

Actual employees of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District will want to talk about emptying standing water and other ways you can prevent mosquitoes around your home. They will not discuss political issues. This fake citizens group, being paid by Oxitec, is there strictly to try and influence your vote in the November election.

USE THE RESOURCES OF THIS PAGE TO INFORM YOURSELF ABOUT THE SCIENTIFIC FACTS. Biting female mosquitoes will be released around your home if you allow it. Oxitec’s GMO mosquitoes are not sterile and reproduce in the wild, combining their artificial DNA with natural ones in unexpected ways.

Additional Source: FL Keys News


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