Oxitec CEO: We Are the “Coca-Cola” of GMO Mosquitoes.

Oxitec CEO Haydn Parry told investor blog Motley Fool earlier this year that he sees his company as the “Coca-Cola” of GMO insects, with factories worldwide “bottling” larvae from eggs shipped out of their UK headquarters.

“Think of it like Coca-Cola, which has bottling plants spread across the world. Each one receives the ‘secret syrup’ from a centralized facility, dilutes it with water, and bottles Coke products. We would operate in a similar manner, with eggs being produced in a central facility and shipped to larvae-hatching facilities around the world.”

The Oxitec boss also offers a convenient way around the Key West trial, should citizens object it to as we are doing now.

“Parry said there is one way to deploy the technology today, but it requires a special emergency authorization by regulators and health officials.”

Days after we broke the story of the FKMCD’s agreement to grow GMO mosquitoes here for sale in other cities, elected officials in Tampa asked Washington for exactly the kind of “emergency resolution” laid out by Parry back in June.


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