The US Army Tested Mosquitoes As Viral Weapons in Florida in 1956.

In the 1950’s, the US government released mosquitoes infected with yellow fever over populations in Georgia and Florida to see if the insects could be used successfully as a bio-weapon to kill off urban populations.

A declassified Army document from 1981 entitled “An Evaluation of Entomological Warfare as a Potential Danger to the United States and European Nations” lays out in detail how the government raised millions of mosquitoes as weapons and released them in covert operations over US residents. It contains cost calculations for raising and releasing infected mosquitoes in mass quantities, concluding in a helpful table of the “cost per death” to wipe out an entire city… as low as 29 cents per death if half of the population were to be killed.

The programs were conducted under names like Operation Drop Kick, which took place in Avon Park, Florida. Longtime residents of Key West and program insiders say that the same mosquito drop experiments were also conducted in the Florida Keys.

The mosquito weapon program targeting urban populations has interesting connections to the GMO mosquito story. First, the species used in the tests was Aedes aegypti, the same target of the GMO mosquito and the starting point for creating the artificial species.

Secondly, the tests specifically refer to the mosquitoes as a “fever virus system,” indicating that the mosquito and virus are designed and delivered together, as a product — a mosquito viral delivery system.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the 1950’s mosquito bio-weapon tests were created by the Army’s Fort Detrick laboratory. The military lab is still operating, and a scientist working there today by the name of Andrew Haddow said in 2009 that he “saw the Zika crisis coming.” His grandfather also worked at the lab and was an early experimenter with the original Zika virus from Uganda. The elder Mr. Haddow died from encephalitis, no doubt a result of his “working” on infected lab monkeys.

The proposed Key West GMO mosquito test is a form of human experimentation as defined by international convention and the WHO Guidance Framework on GMO Mosquitoes. What is the purpose of the tests beyond selling endless products for Oxitec? Is there a larger agenda? Are we being used as human guinea pigs for military tests, as was already done in Florida?


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