You Have The Right To Say NO to Human Experiments with GMO Mosquitoes.

For 40 years, the US government used people in Tuskegee, Alabama as involuntary human research subjects. Black men were infected with syphilis without knowledge or consent, then monitored to see the progress of the disease.

The proposed GMO mosquito test is a human experiment, too. The large number of biting females released near homes ensures that humans will be bitten. A university study in Japan showed that GMO mosquito DNA is transmitted to other animals when mosquitoes bite and could even be used to intentionally transfer virus components to humans as a test for vaccines.

The WHO’s Guidance Framework for GMO Mosquitoes says, “Individuals who satisfy the criteria of human subjects must be protected according to internationally recognized standards.” Yet Oxitec has never sought informed consent nor adequately explained the risks and benefits to humans living in the test area.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY NO. With or without the scientific information presented on this page, you have a right as an American to say no to any medical or scientific experiments that anyone wants to perform with your body, your children, your pets, or your property.

YOU DO NOT NEED A REASON TO SAY NO. Your own personal wishes are reason enough. You may distrust the unproven technology. You may not like corporate and government collusion. Or you may want to see the focus put on other, safer, ways to control mosquitoes. Even if you just don’t want to be a human guinea pig, you have the right to say no!


* SHARE this post on your wall.

* TALK to your neighbors. Tell them they have the right to say no to human experimentation.

* MESSAGE us for a yard sign and NO CONSENT sticker.

* CALL Mayor Craig Cates at 305-587-0587 or email him at and say you do not consent to being a human research subject for GMO mosquitoes.

* ATTEND the City Council meeting at 6pm on Sept 8th and make your voice heard.

* VOTE NO on GMO Mosquitoes in the November referendum.


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