City Moves Important Mosquito Meeting, Hidden on Website.

ALERT: The City of Key West has hidden the important mosquito meeting from its website and posted a different meeting instead.

*** The correct date and time for this important meeting which we need you to attend is Wednesday, Sept 7th at Old City Hall on Greene St. at 6pm. ***

This is where the resolution will be introduced by Margaret Romero to try and bypass the citizen’s referendum in November and release GMO mosquitoes “throughout the Florida Keys” at any time, without testing and without public consent.

The City’s website lists only one upcoming meeting, a day later, in what can only be called a “convenient accident.” The actual agendas for both meetings are posted on a different page.


Both recently reelected Mayor Craig Cates and former mayor and commissioner Jimmy Weekly have spoken out on this page against trying to undo the citizen resolution. They have promised to vote NO on Wednesday’s resolution. Please show your support for these elected officials and help convince the rest of the commission to vote NO, too.


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