Oxitec Buys Horse Blood from a “Blood Farm” to Feed GMO Mosquitoes.

The entire Oxitec process is disgusting. According to the official FDA report, males and females are mated in a lab in the UK. Then the females are fed horse blood from a blood farm where animals are kept strictly for that purpose.

How many horses must live like that to feed GMO mosquitoes? That’s never disclosed. The resulting eggs are shipped in cardboard boxes to Marathon where they will be hatched into larvae, grown into pupae in tetracycline water, sex sorted (mostly), and released.

Every bit of waste from the Marathon Hatching & Rearing Unit, as its called, must be frozen to -37 degrees for 12 hours before being incinerated by an outside contractor. It’s full of modified DNA, mosquito bodies, and tetracycline, adding to the antibiotic content of our water supply. And all of this is only for a test for *144* houses!

None of this can be scaled. How many horses would have to be locked up to give blood? How many boxes of mosquitoes shipped? How many disgusting hatching facilities would have to be built? This is already out of control and it isn’t anywhere near real-world scale.


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