Secret Mosquito Hatching Lab Built in Marathon with Oxitec Money, No Public Disclosure.

Oxitec has already built a mosquito Hatching and Rearing Unit inside the Mosquito Control District building in Marathon under a secret agreement leaked by Never Again. When questioned about the cost of this undisclosed lab, outgoing Director Michael Doyle admitted that Oxitec paid for the lab and plans to use it to breed mosquitoes for sale to other counties. Oxitec had to have a lab in place in order to certify that it met Federal standards for handling insects.
Instead of funding the full cost of buying a building in the Keys, improving it, staffing it, and dealing with the endless citizen objections which would certainly be raised (the environmental impact report for that facility alone would be onerous), Oxitec passed on those costs to local taxpayers by siting the lab inside a public building that already exists.
It’s likely illegal to accept the construction of this private facility inside a public building without disclosure or citizen oversight. It’s certainly unethical and speaks to the “hell bent on GMO” stance that FKMCD has taken. The District got a shiny new “free” lab which just happens to be where the vendor will grow their products.



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