We Want to Come 3x a Week for 22 Months to Release GMO Mosquitoes at Your House.

Oxitec wants to release GMO mosquitoes in private yards every 70-280 feet, three times a week, for 22 months. And that’s just a test! GMO mosquitoes don’t mate as well as natural ones (about 50% less), so to have any chance of mating, Oxitec will overwhelm the system with 10x more GMO mosquitoes than natural ones. And this is just a test!

The logistics required to grow mosquito eggs in England, ship them to Marathon for hatching, soak them in tetracycline water, sort them by sex (mostly), drive them around the Keys, and place them every 70-280 feet is just nuts. The entire process is described in the official FDA report.

If FKMCD doesn’t have enough “boots on the ground” to do preventive work (by all accounts, the most effective way of eliminating mosquitoes), then where would they ever get all the staff required to do this kind of GMO program? The idea isn’t safe, isn’t scientific, and it isn’t scalable.


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