Fake “Citizen’s Group” Exposed as Source of Oxitec Lies.

A fake “citizen’s group” calling itself the Florida Keys Safety Alliance has been exposed as an Oxitec front created by a Tampa public relations firm. The same group is now knocking on doors and making rigged robocalls to Key West residents.

On its home page, the group claims be “dedicated to informed decision-making,” implying that residents who oppose the GMO mosquito experiment are uninformed. It goes on say that the public relations firm will “make science straightforward and accessible,” as though we were not capable of doing that research on our own. Conveniently, none of the science that might lead one away from GMO mosquitoes has made it onto the page.

The site repeats the most famous Oxitec lies that we’ve already debunked, such as the classic “male mosquitoes released” when females are also released, or the claim that GMO mosquitoes were “90% effective” when in fact they’re only marginally effective under controlled circumstances. The 90% number is based on pesticide spray as well as GMO mosquitoes, something Oxitec doesn’t feel is part of “informed decision-making.”

The website, paid for by Oxitec through its hired PR goons, is even so bold to claim that their product will have “no environmental impact,” despite the fact that risk assessment was never done and most of the company’s research consists of internet searches and their own published papers.

If you really want to make an informed decision, be sure to find out about how many mosquitoes must be released and for how long, the impacts of tetracycline in the rearing process, and how GMO mosquitoes can be used to deliver viruses to human beings.

Warn your friends and neighbors about these hired marketing people and the fact that they’re not concerned citizens. Learn about the Wolbachia option, and vote NO on GMO mosquitoes in November!


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