Phony Nonprofit Sells GMO Mosquitoes for Oxitec’s $3 Billion Owner.

According to documents filed with the State of Florida, Oxitec’s parent company Intrexon has hired VancoreJones, a public relations firm in Tallahassee, to create a tax exempt nonprofit organization. The “nonprofit” is now going door-to-door and making robocalls to sell Oxitec’s GMO mosquitoes to the citizens of Key West.

In one of the most shocking misuses of the charity system here in the United States, the UK maker of GMO mosquitoes can now use its phony nonprofit sibling to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money influencing the upcoming November elections, including producing propaganda and buying advertising time, direct marketing contact with the voters of Key West, and campaign donations to the company’s preferred candidates for public office.

The fake charity’s name, Florida Keys Safety Alliance, hides the fact that the incorporation address is actually the office of Vancore Jones at 906 Thomasville Rd. The PR company even went so far as to claim that the group is a “social welfare organization!”

Among its intended activities, the group says it wants to be a “core organization to bring together citizens and representatives of other organizations which have [common] goals.” Despite the lofty list of “common goals” which include Zika education and public opinion research, none of the organizations or individuals who oppose GMO mosquitoes have been asked to participate. The stated goals of this “charity” are simply lies. There is only one goal which is to convince Key West citizens to allow our Mosquito District to buy Oxitec’s unsafe product and be the human experiment that allows them to sell it to other cities.

And what did it take for this $3 billion company to hide their sales activities under the umbrella of a charity? A simple online registration and a $78.75 filing fee.

Contact your elected officials and candidates today and tell them you don’t want a fake charity selling you GMO mosquitoes. Tell your friends and neighbors about this scam, and vote NO on GMO mosquitoes in November.


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