Oxitec Gives Fake Citizens Group $50,000. Calls it an “Individual Donation.”

Public records filed with the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections show that Intrexon Corp., the $3 billion parent of GMO mosquito maker Oxitec, has “donated” $50,000 to the fake citizens group Florida Keys Safety Alliance which aims to promote a yes vote on the GMO mosquito referendum in November. The official paperwork filed with the county lists the cash payment from the biotech firm as an “individual” donation.

This report filed with the Supervisor of Elections, claims that Intrexon’s donation is an “individual” and not a corporate one.

The group has already used to the funds to put up a misleading website which aims to tie the use of GMO mosquitoes to a Zika crisis that we don’t have. The group has recently been seen using paid canvassers from Craigslist who go door-to-door trying win votes for the company’s product. While Oxitec denies involvement, residents have also received rigged robocalls asking how they will vote on the referendum. A video obtained by Never Again shows that “NO” answers are not permitted.

We should expect nothing less from the company that’s already made secret agreements to build a lab in Marathon and sell GMO mosquitoes to Miami and Tampa.

It’s a good thing there’s a safer option, Wolbachia. And the University of Kentucky lab which is testing it hasn’t tried to hide anything from the citizens of Key West.

It’s up to all of us to VOTE NO IN NOVEMBER and reject the strong-arm tactics of this company and it’s untested products.


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