URGENT: Peaceful Protest at FKMCD Emergency Meeting Saturday Nov. 19th.

Despite the 65% NO vote in Key Haven on the November GMO mosquito referendum, the local Mosquito District has decided under the guidance of Chairman Phil Goodman to hold an “emergency meeting” on Saturday, November 19th at 10am at the Marathon FKMCD Headquarters. The Chairman’s intent is to push through the Board’s approval of the test in direct contradiction to the public vote.

Peaceful Protest, Saturday November 19th, 10am
Marathon FKMCD Headquarters

We need you to attend this meeting to conduct a peaceful protest, to hold signs, and to speak in front of the commission and the video cameras. National media will be in attendance.

Never Again Foundation recently revealed that the Marathon secret mosquito lab has been in operation since 2015. Saturday’s meeting and protest will take place at the lab location at 503 107th St Gulf in Marathon.

Peaceful Protest Saturday, November 19th at FKMCD Marathon Headquarters

Expect Police Presence & National Media

As with previous demonstrations at the lab, we expect a large police presence. The building lobby, conference room, and courtyard are public areas and protesters are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. A number of national media outlets will send on-air personalities and video crews, so put on your best, well-informed performance.

Consider Being a Speaker

The strongest way to get our message across is to speak in front of the commission. Speakers must sign up before the meeting begins at 10am, so please arrive early. This will be a standing room only event. Individual speakers who sign up will be allowed 3 minutes to speak, including live web streaming and archival video which the board provides.

The board’s rules for speaking are as follows: Representatives of any organization (business or charity) may sign up on a different form and be allowed 5 minutes to speak. Only one representative is allowed per organization, so plan accordingly. During your time, you may ask direct questions of the board and the staff in attendance. The board or staff may choose to engage you again, based on your questions, so be prepared with your best material and present professionally. Also plan to stay for the entire meeting, as the board may choose to revisit an issue you’ve raised.

Listen or Protest Outside

If you don’t want to speak, you can still attend the meeting and listen. Folks who prefer to protest outside will have plenty of opportunities as the FKMCD headquarters occupies a large piece of real estate with sidewalks outside. Bring signs, and be prepared to be approached by national media. If you need talking points, here are three top articles from our collection that we recommend:

Top Resources to Get Informed

  1. Five Things You Must Know About GMO Mosquitoes
  2. GMO Mosquitoes Lab Already in Use Since 2015
  3. Oxitec GMO Mosquito Contains 6 Species, Herpes, and E. Coli

For a more in-depth look at the science behind the subject, check out these three stories:

  1. GMO Mosquitoes Cause Rise of Dangerous Competitor
  2. GMO Mosquitoes and the Selling of Bad Science
  3. Oxitec’s GMO Mosquito and the DNA Gold Rush That Never Was

Ridesharing Available

For help getting to the protest, call 305-916-8602 or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Tell a Friend

Please share this post on your social media. Encourage a friend to come. Make a sign. Print out some copies of  our flyer and bring them with you. Consider speaking. Together, we can stop this dangerous test in the Florida Keys.



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