Money & Political Influence

Documents obtained by Never Again which show the money and political connections between Oxitec and Florida’s elected officials.

Secret Oxitec Agreement with Keys Mosquito Board

The secret agreement, leaked by Never Again, which shows how two GMO mosquito laboratories were built inside the Mosquito District headquarters in Marathon without public oversight or approval. Four employees on public payroll are expected to report to Derric Nimmo, Oxitec product manager. Gag orders are spelled out for all public communications and test results. Legal escape clause provided for FKMCD Director Michael Doyle.

Florida Keys To Sell GMO Mosquitoes In Miami and Other Cities

In this recently passed Board resolution, the Florida Keys Mosquito District offers to let Oxitec use the Marathon lab to grow GMO mosquitoes for Miami or any other city which “needs” them to fight Zika.

Key West Resolution to Use GMO Mosquitoes

An attempt by Key West Commissioner Margaret Romero to circumvent the upcoming November referendum on GMO mosquitoes. In it, the City attempts to move ahead with releasing GMO mosquitoes throughout the Florida Keys without citizen approval or testing. This document will be presented at an upcoming City Council meeting on September 7th.

Oxitec Hires Canvassers to Influence Keys Election

This ad, which was posted on Craigslist and quickly removed, shows that Oxitec hired door-to-door canvassers to visit Key West neighborhoods seeking “targeted voters.” This is a blatant attempt by a foreign company to illegally influence US elections. Numerous residents have reported visits from the paid canvassers since September 1st. The group falsely presents itself as a citizen’s organization called “Florida Keys Safety Alliance.”


Oxitec Fake Citizen’s Group Canvassing Brochure

This slick brochure, created by a public relations firm on behalf on Oxitec’s parent company Intrexon and its fake “citizen’s group” Florida Keys Safety Alliance, repeats the most common lies of the Oxitec marketing campaign.